Happy 14 months my sweet.

Happy 14 months my sweet sweet Sophia Rae. You are one amazing humane being and are such a ray of sunshine in daddy and mama's lives. Your getting so big so fast and learning so many new things everyday. You smile is so contagious and when you flash all those beautiful little teethies at me my heart melts to my toes.
At 14 months you are doing so much!
-Adding to your vocabulary every day but as of now are saying daddy,mama,hi,byebye,doggie,pasta,baby,here when we ask you to hand us something, bock (clock), wasat whats that! as you point to everything you possibly can, and more. I really thank our flash cards and reading 2-10 books a day depending on your mood.

-Your running around the house like a mad women opening every cabinet without a lock and sneak into the fridge as soon as you see someone starting to open it.

-You find things funny now and laugh at the dog,things on tv,when mama and daddy are laughing or being silly.

-You love your bath time and have become the splashing queen soaking mommy completely each and every bath.

-You now show momma your hungry by saying "mmmmmm" and rubbing your tummy.

-You know when your ready for a nap and usually when I ask you "Sophia do you want to take a nap?" you are darting down the hall way into your bedroom and waiting by your crib for me to put you in it.

-Your sleeping through the night from 8-8:30 p.m. to 7-8 a.m. and daddy and I are so thankful.

Your an amazing little girl Sophia and you are my entire world. You teach me new things everyday. Im so in love with you and your beautiful soul. Thanks for choosing me as your mommy and giving me a whole new meaning to life. Everyday with you is a blessing and Im so proud of you.

Love always your Mommy <3