Today marks 6 months of marriage for my hubby and I. To most 6 months is nothing but for me i'm so thankful for each new day with him as my husband. So many people believed we wouldn't make it as a couple only being 16 when I met my 21 year old lover. I was told its just a fling and it wouldn't work but here we are 4+ years later,a beautiful child,and 6 months of marriage and we really could not be in a better place. It isn't always easy and we are not perfect but we do love each other unconditionally and we do put 110% into our marriage and family everyday! I am very lucky to have found my soulmate so young in life and to get to spend the best part of my life with him. He will never know how much i truly do love him and how he inspires me everyday to be a better wife,mother, & woman. I love you dear husband of mine to the moon and back forever and always. 
 - Yours truly Amanda