Getting back into working

Its so bittersweet to have to go back out into the working world and not be a stay at home mom anymore. I love being home everyday with Sophia and being a "homemaker". I love having a daily routine with my little girl and getting to experience all her new tricks first hand. But with moving to a new state where things are much more pricey its time for me to take the responsibility and get back out there and help provide for my little family. Ill only be working 2-3 days/nights a week around Ajs schedule so he will be the only other person to watch Sophia. He is not very happy that I have to work again he would much rather have me home but in this day and age its not easy to have only one working parent to pay all the finances. Ill probably be miserable the first couple of weeks but then it will feel normally and I am sure ill enjoy having extra money and helping my husband out with paying all the bills. I'm very lucky to have gotten to stay home for almost all of Sophia's first year and that Aj worked his butt off to go to school and work full time so that I could do that. I really am blessed to have a hard working man who wants to give his girls everything he possibly can!
Thanks babe.