Family day at the "zoo"!

Today was a beautiful day with some much needed light rain early this morning then amazing weather of low 70's with a breeze just my kind of day! I started off the day by letting Aj sleep in and just spending time with my little princess. Once Aj woke up I asked him if we could go to this nice park a town over iv been hearing about called Johnson Park in Highland Park/ Piscataway border area that has a small zoo. We are very much animal people and both love nature. So we packed up the car and headed out. After getting lost from what should have been a 9 minute drive that ended up taking 20 minutes of driving in circles we finally found where we wanted to be. The park was pretty much empty and it was so nice to just have it be the three of us in our own little zoo in our own little world... or so it felt that way! This park was so beautiful it had amazing landscaping and was right on the water. What I thought would be your typical petting zoo of chickens and goats was definitely not what we found! There were so many amazing animals chickens,ducks,goats,deer,horses,foxes,peacocks,pigs,lamas,an emu,a baby wolf my favorite animal of all,ferrets,rabbits,and a ton of different birds! And they all seemed so friendly coming right up to the gates (some had double gates so you couldn't touch them of course but still tried to interact with us). Many of the animals were napping or sunbathing and seemed to be so relaxed and at home it was a beautiful sight. It was nice just to watch them in there own element and feel so close to what usually are so hard to get a glimpse of. Sophia really loved to just look and stare at all the animals and it almost seemed like she was just taking it all in. I would say Aj and I probably enjoyed it more just because we had time alone,time to talk,time to be worry free and take in everything around us. It was really wonderful to be so relaxed.
I of course told Aj how much I wanted to move out in the middle of no where with a small farm house and tons of land buy a bunch of animals and rescue wild hurt animals and raise the m. When I was a little girl I watched all the animal planet shows where people raised wolf packs,saved deer and birds that had gotten hurt and I have always wanted to be one of those people.Wolf mama leader of her own pack to be one with animals because we are so much like them. He thinks i'm crazy but after almost 5 years of hearing my insane dream he know I really do hope to have that life one day.
At the very end right before we where getting ready to load back up in the car we saw a baby goat calling to its mother the mother then walked over and had the baby nurse off of her it was a very beautiful sight and it showed even more how us humans are so much like animals. The goat fed her baby when it cried with her body and I do  the same with my baby I nurse her and give her nourishment with just my body. Aj told me I was that mama goat and I couldn't help but think I really am.


  1. hurrah for the zoo!!!! lovely pics, mama!

    xo, amanda

  2. Hey babes. I love reading your blog all the time.
    I'm going to be in new york for a few days this summer to visit friends and look at graduate schools. If you're around i'd love to be able to see you and sophia <3

    1. Hey lovely! We are only a 30 minute train ride to the city so we would love to get a visit from you! I miss you dearly and I hope you pick a graduate school close so we can maybe actually see each other!

  3. Aww! Looks like a fun day!


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