Bucket list 2012

Iv really started to feel like 2012 is just flying by and I cant seem to make it slow down! Am I the only one feeling this way days turning into weeks, weeks into months in the blink of an eye? Thats why I thought why not make a bucket list for the year!? I am definitely one of those people who make a list for everything and I do mean everything! My husband always makes jokes like "do you have your list'? or "Is there a list for that too"? So why wouldn't I make a list of things I really want to accomplish before the end of the year to post on my fridge and have it remind me like Hey! Hey you remember to me the list of things you wanted to do but never do. And maybe just maybe ill actually get to do them if im reminded daily right? So here is my list nothing crazy like skydiving or Rocky Mountain climbing but things that really mean al lot to me to accomplish and check of my to do list.

1) Take Sophia to more educational places. (Museums,Zoos,Nature Walks, & Tot groups)

2) I really want to crochet baby blankets and donate them to the pregnant mothers shelter in the next town over. Maybe i could do this once every three months or something and give them just a handmade gift for the babies.

3) Get tattooed at least five this year I am low balling it but I really want to get a good portion of my legs covered this year and im dying to tattoo my toes.

4) Give my husband a day/days he will never forget! Days all about him, all for him. To show him how much I love and appreciate all the hard work he does to take care of Sophia and I and spoil us rotten. I want him to feel special and know he mean the world to us.

5) Get back into shape... This is a on going battle with me. I start getting into a great routine of diet and exercise then one bad day destroys it all for me! But im really hoping to start a yoga class or kickboxing and have some devoted me time to get in shape and start feeling better about me.

6) Work on my Shop. Im currently getting ready to re-open my Etsy and I have been working hard on new crochet designs and some small jewelry designing. I really love crafting and letting the world see all my hard work but I havent been putting all the effort I could into it and I really need to.

7) Remember to take a break. I get stressed out easily and overwhelmed quickly I need to start remembering to just breathe. And to live by the saying "Live for today because tomorrow is never promised."

So thats my list nothing crazy and nothing I really cant do pretty easily. Do you have a list? Id love to hear somethings you would love to check off the to do list for 2012!