A bit of our week

Our week has been relaxing and fun! That included a really great second Mothers Day, a super fun first birthday party for Sophia's bffs Ava & Briana, backyard adventures, finger painting, a very tiring nap strike from the little misses,a slight cold that I passed on to Soph and she onto daddy but that is only to be expected, and squeezing in family time every chance we get!
We checked out this pretty spectacular park on top of a mountain that George Washington stood at and watched all his troops fight and die. We took another zoo trip to Johnson park and this time we fed the animals and AJ is now convinced we should own goats I can only dream we one day will! We tried the new Dunkin Doughnuts MIB coffee that was delicious! And Sophia went number 2 on the big potty when we had a bath accident and I went into mom panic mode. Its been a good week and we have been enjoying our little family so much. 

Iv also been checking out some pretty other amazing mom blogs and will be doing a future post of blogs I cant stop reading and dream to have a blog like one of these days! What blogs are you in love with and are on the top of your reading list?