17 day diet.

So hubs and I have started the 17 day diet by Dr. Mike Moreno that is three 17 day cycles for a total of 56 days. Its pretty amazing with full meal plans and recipes, along with the diet you are supposed to do 17 minutes of workouts a day minimum. I am going to try and ride the bike 5-7 miles a day during Sophia's naps and walk at night. I also have been pinning away on Pinterest (linked over there <--) easy ab workouts and core workout that I can try to do through out the day here and there. I have stopped doing the Jillian 30 day shred until I get the hang of this diet and stuff then Ill try and add that into my mix of workouts for the day. I am really excited about this 17 day diet and have seen some amazing results online. I made a cutesy little weekly weigh in chart for Aj and I to check our weight and measurements to see if we are loosing lbs and inches. I'm really happy we are doing this together and can motivate one another to stick to the meal plans and help each other out when in doubt. I'm a little too shy to share my weight and measurement right now but hopefully by next week ill see some difference in my weight and decide to post. I have a goal weight that I believe is realistic but maybe not in 56 days. But as long as after this diet I stay active and healthy I believe I can reach that goal weight and body I'm dying for. Hopefully we see some good changes next week and maybe we can treat our selves to some new Nikes hint hint Aj or maybe even some cute new workout clothes that always seem to motivate me a little more!
This morning we started the diet day 1 and first thing you have to do in the morning is drink a tall glass of hot water with half a lemon. I don't know if this is just me but I hate drinking hot water and it was painfully gross for me to get down I love my ice cold water with at least 4 cubes of ice. For breakfast we had a 6 oz cup of plain low fat yogurt ick with a cup of fresh berries and a tall glass of green tea. I was not a fan of the yogurt at all but AJ scarfed it down like it wasn't completely disgusting so of course I had to do the same while watching Sophia enjoy her yummy cheerios and black berries. It will probably take me a few days to get used to eating the foods and such but I am committed to it, committed to getting healthy, committed to getting in shape, committed to getting the body I want and deserve!

If anyone wants the 17 day diet I can send it to you in an email I am always willing to help out someone who is looking to get healthy!


  1. Hey Amanda..
    This is Amy from Walton!
    I love reading your blog and I love that your family is growing and is awesome!! Also love the modified parenting!

    If you want to email me that 17 day diet that would be super sweet! I'm trying the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels right now and am super pumped!

    my email is allx3reasons@yahoo.com thanks chickie!

  2. Hi Amy thank you so much for being a loyal reader ill send you the email right now! once you start please comeback and let me know how its going iv love over a pound a day in just 4 days!


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