It seems like we are finally getting back into a routine after almost 3 weeks since the move! Sophia is sleeping through the night well she has at least the past couple of nights! Let's hope she keeps it up. Daddy is working full time again so it's usually just me and the peanut during the day so we seem to have established a permanent new routine. It feels good and is making this really start to feel like home! Before the move I was so worried that Sophia wouldn't be able to adjust or would have a hard time but she has done amazingly well minus the sleeping but we can thank the very lonnnnggg car ride from Florida to New Jersey for that. I think it really hit AJ and I harder then her it almost felt like a vacation the first week with no work and all these new places we wanted to go to and seeing all our family and friends we haven't seen in over a year. But by the second week we started to fall into things and start making this our permanent home!
So our days kind of go like this:
7-8 a.m Sophia wakes up
8-8:30 a.m I put Sophia in our bed to snuggle for a little bit before daddy is off to work!
8:30-9:30a.m Daddy is off to work and I am making the munchkin and me some breakfast
9:30-10:30a.m breakfast and cartoon and some tag between Sophia and the dog!
10:30-noon chores around the house like laundry,emptying or filling the dishwasher cleaning up toys ALLL day really,sweeping,picking up Sophia's bedroom and making beds.
12-2:30p.m Sophia goes down for her nap and usually pretty easily with just her violet and a bottle
2:30-6p.m usually consists of playing in the backyard,going for walks,making lunch,playing in Sophia's room,chasing her around the house,one or two temper tantrums,reading books,cartoons,looking out the window waiting for daddy to get home.
6-7p.m daddy usually gets home if it's not a late day.I fix some dinner,feed Sophia and daddy,clean up from dinner.
7-8p.m bath,read one book, & bed for my usually over tired monster!
8-10p.m some mommy & daddy time and then bed!

So there's our day not to interesting really besides the rare day a week we go out and visit with friends or go to the store. What's your routine?
Sophia's dirty room before I clean it 
Beds made!