Modified Parenting Monday

Sorry for the late in the day post I have been running around with the family trying to take care of errands. But here we go with week Three of Modified Parenting Monday! 
We have an amazingly beautiful mama and business owner Lisa or Youlurk on Ig!
Lisa Suárez
Chloé Elisabeth Tevenal
3.Childs Age?
16 months!
4.What kind of body mods do you have?
tattoos & dermal anchor
5.Whats your favorite
My favorite piece would have to be the left side of my neck, which is a pair of vintage hair shears and roses. remember at the time it was a huge leap for me to get my first tattoo that could not be covered, and was also a huge deal because it made family and friends realize this wasn't just a phase. I was becoming a tattoo collector and planned on being heavily tattooed.
6.Have you been judged for being a parent with body modifications?Any particular circumstance?Many times. I do nails for a living in an area of town where being covered in tattoos is taboo.I cannot tell you how many times clients have asked when I was getting them removed, what about work,what will I tell my daughter, when will I let her get tattooed, and the ultimate question "so what do your parents think". I find all of this completely ridiculous considering I am an adult, a mother and business owner. Another thing that annoys me beyond belief is the question of "What does your husband do", as soon as I tell them he is a tattooer they assume he works in some biker bar and we live off welfare. Last time I checked most of these women's husbands don't make $150 an hour and get to travel all while working for themselves.
At the end of the day I have to remind myself these women are naive and living in their own little snooty boxes but there have been times when it has gotten the best of me.
7.Does your child ask about your body mods?Show like or dislike for them?
I don't think Chloe understands yet. She has never brought attention to them or anything, but on the other hand everyone that is around her most of the time is tattooed. haha 
8.What made you decide to modify your body?
At the end of the day your body is the only thing that is yours to keep. This is all I have, so why not decorate it.
9.Is there any advice you have for other parents with body mods?
My best advice for parents with modifications is to be confident. Your kids will notice how you handle peoples ignorance. I'm sure it would be easier for me to throw on a sweat shirt before going into the grocery store so I don't get stopped every five minutes with questions, or that it would be easier to just have modified mommy friends and avoid awkward play groups with the real housewives of wherever, but it is what it is. Chloe's "mommy/daddy" may look different, but as long as we stay great parents, that's all that matters.
10.Has your modifications caused you any problems? Any problems with parenting?
The only problem that sticks out in my mind is not being taken seriously. That may be because my age, but I doubt it.
11.Would you let your children have body modifications when they are older?
Once Chloe is 18 the decision is hers to make. I'm just happy she doesn't have to go through that awkward time of getting bad tattoos fixed. She will be surrounded by so much talent with her daddy and all his friends. She will have many amazing tattooers to choose from.