Modified Parenting Monday!

Yay week two of Modified Parenting Monday! Im so very excited about this weekly post where parents can read about other real life parents with body mods and hear there experiences and get some advice on how to deal with people and judgement about parenting with body mods.This week we interviewed one of my favorite IG mama's Shasta or Shastybobasty. She is a very beautiful,tattooed,hilarious mama that i absolutely adore!

 1.Name? Shasta 
 2.Children? Just one daughter 
 3.Children's Ages? She is 3
 4.What kind of body mods do you have?
 I have tattoos and piercings...working back towards 1 inch plugs...
 5.Whats your Favorite?
 As in tattoos or piercings, I would have to say's like having my life story, all good and even some bad, represented on my body.
 6.Have you ever been judged for being a parent with Body Modifications?
 Oh yeah, you get the normal looks and questions from people...but it really hasn't bothered me, I want my daughter to know that no matter what people say you treat all people with the kindness and respect that you would like in return, and the "color" or "multi color" of your skin DOES NOT matter.
 7.Does your child ask you about them? 
She used to touch them and ask about them a lot, until recently, now she colors on herself and says like mommy. Cracks me up!
 8.Why did you decide to get Body Modifications?
 From a young age I have always been so into tattoos...I did the same thing my daughter does, drawing on myself constantly. I love that you can read people just by their tattoos. It is such an amazes me
 9.Is there any advice for other parents with Body Modifications? 
Keep on keepin on! Don't let what people say about you as a parent just because you have modifications get you down.
 10.Has your modifications caused you any problems? with parenting?
 Not really with parenting...just with people's reactions to me. We were in the grocery store the other day, I had my daughter with me, and the cashier kept looking at me like I was going to rob her...I think it's crazy that people just can't get past their small little minds. Lol   11.Would you let your child have modifications when they are older?
Yeah when she is 18, and has a job. And has tattoo ideas with actual meaning and not some tramp stamp or item off the wall...ha!

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