Modified Parenting Monday!

As a parent with tattoos and a husband with tattoos and body modifications I wanted to start a hopefully weekly blog post with interviews from other parents who also have modifications and to hear from them about there experiences with there children,the public and family and issues they face. From personal experiences I know its not always easy to be different and not everyone understands why you do the things you do. Sometimes you are wrongfully judged or treated badly because of your body modifications and even discriminated against. I really want this post to show that even modified parents can be the very best parents out there!

 I was thinking of who I would interview first and I realized why not start with my husband?!!

Children? Sophia
Children's Ages? 1 year

What kind of body mods do you have?
 Tattoos,stretched lobes,piercings

Whats your favorite?
 Out of all my tattoos id definitaly say my favorite two are my right forearm and hand done by Scott Olive at Oddity Tattoo on Main in Sarasota Fl of a crazy Santa Clause and Rudolph riding a unicycle with a ray gun and a jack o'lantern on my hand.Also I really love the Cheeseburger I have tattooed on my right thigh
by Matt Helmer from Oddity Tattoo, its a hilarious tattoo that makes for great conversation!

Have you ever been judged for being a parent with body modifications?
Yes countless time. By strangers,co-workers,elders,other parents. More people then id really ike to think about.

Does your child ask you about them?
She is too young right now but she does like to point to them and say "WOWWW"and try and scratch them off and always tries to bite my cheeseburger like its real food.She loves all the colors

Why did you decide to get body modifications?
I really looked up to a lot of people with tattoos or piercings. I felt it was a good way to express
my personality and feelings. To tell a story right there on my skin. My dad is covered and i guess growing up around it i always new i wanted to be too. So on my 18th birthday I went all out and got a half sleeve then when I was 19 i apprenticed to be a piercer at a shop in my home town.

Is there any advice for other parents with body mods?
Know what you are getting into. I really never thought id be descrimintated against for my tattoos but I have.
Be proud of who you are and the decisions you make to modify your body. Talk to your child and let them know why you modify your body and what it means to you.
Tell them its okay to be different.

Has your modifications caused you any problems? with parenting?
Sometimes its hard to find a good job with tattoos and piercings to provide for your family but I would say it really has not caused problems with parenting

Would you let your child have modifications when they are older?
Definitaly once she is of age and is commited about and knows its really a life long commitment.

Also I just want to say to be smart about your modifications go to a shop,see a real artist or peircer. You get what you pay for you should be proud of it!