From baby to a toddler..

I think its safe to say I now have a full blown toddler. Holy crap I have a toddler?!! Some days its so hard to grasp that Sophia is 13 months old I have no clue how time flew so fast I feel like just yesterday I was waiting to have her so impatient going four days past my due date and dyeing to have her out. And now I just wish she would slow down so I can cherish every second of everyday with her being this little.I remember when they first lifted her up over the curtain and all I could think was that I was now her mother and she was all mine forever (and WOW she sure does look like her dad)! But the months flew by and now over a year I have had this little precious girl here with me to brighten each day and make me laugh hysterically and maybe even cry sometimes.
     When she was a baby she loved to cuddle and sleep now she refuses to cuddle unless sick and is down to one nap a day! She was such a soft spoken baby who just smiled all day long and took in her surroundings. Now she is talking all day,screeching,growling,and making all the noise she possibly can. She is running around everywhere I can barely keep up. She wants constant attention and loves to talk to anyone and everyone. She is so smart and has a smile that you cant help but melt from.She gives you this look and her eyes show you how beautiful her soul is its so warm and loving.

At 13 months Sophia is:
Saying hi,bye bye,here,1 toor 3,wowww,ma,mama,daaa,dada,dog, & bird.
She is a mocking bird and can now open and close the trash can,lick her fingers and say mmmm after eating thanks to daddy,point at everything and say whasstat (whats that),give you the funniest smile when you say cheese,feed her self nearly everything,dance to every little song she hears,play her drums and pretty well at that.She loves to play the big drums & guitar with daddy,help mommy with the laundry and sweeping,play in her room all by herself,play tag with the dog and tell her hi a thousand time.Loves sitting on your lap and giving you ten books to read to her so she can point to every little thing and ask whats that?! Playing outdoors running up and down the small hill in the backyard. Watching the birds and deer in the backyard first thing in the morning in the bay window.Giving hugs and kisses.her bellybutton is a very amazing thing to her and plays with it at least 4 hours out of the day.Loves her morning cartoons and morning routine.

 I could probably sit here and write about her till my fingers fell off and there are no more words to use.
This is my Sophia the brightest star in my sky,my whole entire world,and everything I could have ever asked for all wrapped up in a little 19.4 pound bundle!!


  1. hey instagram friend! i love seeing pictures of little sophia, so adorable and tiny! she and stella would have a blast getting into things together :)

    xo, amanda

    1. Thank you so much! I am absolutely in love with your little Stella and get so much inspiration from your amazing blog!


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