Cloth diapering day numero uno

     Yesterday we received our first fluff mail! I have been contemplating changing over from disposable to cloth for over 6 months but never really made the decision until recently. I love that the cloth diapers are good for the earth and all that mumbo jumbo but my real reasoning for cloth diapering is to hopefully save some money,mula,denero. With disposables im changing diapers constantly because Sophia has super sensitive skin and either breaks out or get bad butt burn from her poo's. I feel like im throwing money away changing her diaper after every single pee! She can be an a diaper less then five minutes pee and i have to change her or she will break out. It sucks!! With the way we change diapers around here we spend about $140-$180 a month on diapers. Now to some of you thats not a lot but we really do not have an extra $1,800+ to just simply throw away. I have realized the initial investment in cloth may run us about $300 so im guessing. 
     So about 13 days ago I ordered the diapers (pictured below) from Each diaper was about $5 and I also purchased two extra inserts and the biodegradable inserts to easily dispose of the poop in the toilet. I only purchased four diapers to test them out before I went spend crazy buying all the pretty designed diaper and extra pishposh. I spent about $30 and got free shipping from China. 
     Well immediately after getting the diapers i threw one on Sophie and was in awe over how adorable her bum looked! Well of course within twenty minutes of being in the diaper she pooed so it was our first diaper change... I must say I opened the diaper and was kind of like what the heck do I do now?! I cleaned her bottom and pushed the diaper to the side and put a fresh one on her then I took the dirty one to the bathroom down the hall and dropped the poo in the toilet and then ran down the stairs stupid slit level to the laundry room where we have a huge sink and hand washed it and then left it in the sink. I think i will come up with a for sure routine with changing the diapers soon but we got it handled. It really wasn't as hard as I had imagined and she seems to really like them. I caught her standing in front of the mirror a few times checking the diaper out after every change. Four diapers is definitely not enough and ill be ordering a large loot of diapers soon. I double stuffed her diaper for night but she was soaked in the morning not sure if I stuffed it wrong or what happened but ill have to try something different tonight. 
I am totally loving cloth diapering and cant wait to become a full time cloth mama and cloth diaper the next baby (dont tell my husband im waiting for the chance to have baby number two) from the very beginning. 
     So I am definitely searching for some advice,tips,& tricks.Good diapers and the ones to stay away from.Bargain shopping for diapers or good sites to buy from. Anything will help really.