A bit of our week

Here's some pictures from my IPhone of our week.I try and take a ton of pictures and love posting them on Instagram it's my favorite app and social networking sight. If you don't have it you should it's amazing!
Find me on there Amandarae_.

We had a date night with my brother in law & his girlfriend at Chillies.I had this big Coronarita. It a margarita with a bottle of corona dropping into it. It was delicious till the end when it just tasted like plain beer!

We went to Ajs grandparents house that is only one town over. It was a beautiful  day we enjoyed playing in the grass and I loved watching Sophia and daddy play tag!
On Tuesday Aj finally had a day off after working 7 days straight so i begged him to take me to our favorite bagel place a couple towns over Bagel Pantry. The have the greatest bagels and you can have them put whatever you can think of on it! Sophia crashed out on there big comfy leather couches it was nice to be able to sit and relax and eat with Aj with no toddler screeching for attention constantly!
And might i add how HANDSOME my husband looks in that bottom photo.

I love seeing all the beautiful old building through out the surrounding towns.
Sophia never likes to wear her socks so daddy put them on her hands instead. She then proceeded to growl and chase us like a monster. I had cramps from laughing so hard!
Someone was tired and fell asleep in her saucer way before her planned afternoon nap. I guess she woke up to early that morning.