And so it begins..

    And so it begins where I have decided to put my life on the web, share bits and pieces of my days with absolute strangers. Iv come to realization that my life is ever changing and all to fast I want a place to document special days,feelings,triumphs,and defeats.To vent even if no one is listening to just be able to come back and reread the days I want to relive over and over again and to share with others who may be in the same situation as me and can relate. 

Introductions should be made I suppose.. 
I'm Amanda also known as ma,babe,honey,mamama,you, and so on.  I am a Wife to a very amazing man who stole my heart from the very first day we met. Aj or Andreas (he hates that but when I want his attention it sure does get it!) Also a momma to a sweet baby toddler girl Sophia born 03.26.2011. She is so entirely perfect in every single way and is the center of our world. 

We recently made a huge life changing move from Florida to New Jersey to start new and AJ got a pretty great job offer that we just couldn't turn down. Florida was never a happy place for me and I always wanted to move! AJ is originally from New Jersey and has been dieing to move back for as long as i have known him 5 years. We packed up what we could and loaded it in the car and drove! It was a very long nut amazing drive with my two favorite people! Sophia did so well minus the pooping in seriously every state! It was so weird she is normally on such a normal once a day schedule but for some reason she seemed to poop so much on the drive. She didnt fuss at all in te he 30 hours it took us; we stopped for 4 hours in Virginia to sleep in the car. We have been in New Jersey less then a week and I am so so so in love already the weather,the neighborhood. the hills and trees its everything iv ever wanted and dreamed of to have my home at.The move is really what made me decide to start a blog to document all this new and amazing stuff that we are going through!

Well that's it for my first blog post how did I do?! I have so much I want to say and write but i feel like it would be a huge overload! Ill be trying to update at least once a week but I'm hoping two to three times if possible! Things will probably change on here for a while till i figure this whole blog thingy out. I hope you can stick it out with me. I would LOVE advice & ideas on what you would like to hear from me! 
-Mama Wolf!