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Life Lately

I secretly come back to this blog every few months, draft up a post and never publish it. I don't know if its the missing passion, the fact that I don't love my writing, or because I think no one actually cares to read what I have to say. Yet I feel this pull to write, so I do. I do a brain dump and it sits here unpublished and thats enough for me. Today I thought, "Hey maybe I'll actually publish this one."

      So here I am, writing at a Starbucks after just finishing a paper for my English Comp class. Im finally in school full time and I'm so happy and actually proud of myself. It's not easy but I know its gonna be worth it. For my family, and for me. Im doing something I always swore I would, something Ive dreamed about since I was a little girl. Im in college and Im doing really well. I made deans list last semester and am fast tracking myself to graduate early and transfer to a university.
      Besides school Im rocking this whole mom thing …

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