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Hello Spring!

Have you missed me? I haven't been posting to my blog much these days. Although I have been writing tons of drafts, never satisfied with my writing they just sit there waiting to never be published. Im in a place in life where Im not sure what I want to share with the internet anymore. Should I spill my guts on this blog and just put all of our life out here for the world to see.. or maybe just the good things that make our life seem a little too close to perfect? Today I want to share the recent happenings in life and maybe Ill decide in the near future what the direction of this sad little blog is going.

Where to start?  Sophia just turned five and I nearly had a mental breakdown. Five years old, I cant seem to fathom that she's so big already. It always seems like just yesterday she was born, rolling over for the first time, walking for the first time, or saying her first word. Now she's nearing the end of preschool and is registered for a full day of Kindergarten in th…

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